Skyship Services Inc. is a full-service airship company whose staff have over 25 years of worldwide experience in airship operations. We provide, for lease or sale, a state-of-the-art, fully certified Skyship 600 airship, with customized exterior and interior decoration, graphics and design.

Skyship Services Inc. will operate and maintain the airship, and provide all fully licensed ground and flight personnel (wearing "branded" uniforms), complete technical support and all tour-related vehicles branded with your logos.
Further, Skyship Services Inc. partners with you in strategy development for maximizing impact and visibility via utilization of the Airship for:
  • General Exposure over targeted cities/regions
  • TV Broadcast Platform
  • Media Flights for Trade, Consumers, Magazine, Press
  • Corporate and Retail Incentive Promotions
  • Sales and Consumer Promotions
  • VIP Passenger Flights - Skycruises
  • Competitions, Merchandising, and Incentive Schemes
  • Tie-in with concerts and sporting events for which you sponsor

Skyship Services Inc. works with you on the airship program that is both comprehensive and tailored specifically to meet your promotional needs and objectives.

In addition to the above we also provide the following services:
  • Assembly of LTA Systems
  • Design / Modification / Certification
  • Lighter-Than-Air Consultancy
  • Lighter-Than-Air Operation
  • Lighter-Than-Air Training
  • Lighter-Than-Air Support

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